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Alex N'Guessan

coffee detox

/ 3 min read

In short, I’m a coffee addict. But let’s start from the beginning. I begin my coffee journey, like everybody I think, just trying to be awake during thought days, exams prep, etc. Without realizing it, I was slowly falling in love with coffee. (Just by writing this, I can feel the smell of the fresh brewing Espresso ☕).

This is it for the backstory. I spontaneously started my detox on September 6th. Why? I was drinking a minimum of 3 to 4 cups per day (including 1 or 2 Red Bull from time to times). With that, I was still feeling tired all day long, every day 😪. Not only that, but I was also very moody. Also, not sleeping well (but, didn’t notice that at the time). So, I just decided to stop, and see where it got me. Note, that I regularly did these kinds of withdrawal, at least once a year, for a month or so. (I tried to trick myself into thinking that I’m in control — still, I know, control is an illusion).

As you can image, the first week was damn difficult. I drank some decaf coffee the first few days (just emptying my stock). I was eating more often. Although, I used to only eat twice a day. Lunch and dinner, backed by my morning coffees. But, big but, I was sleeping very well. Even waking up an hour before my alarm clock (it’s here that I notice that my sleep schedule was messed up). The flip side, was that I wasn’t able to go throughout the whole day without taking a nap (not that bad, a bit complicated when you have to go out, still, not that bad).

After, the first week when I noticed sleep improvement, I start seeing less fluctuation into my mood and tiredness. Now, I’m writing these lines a little over 2 weeks of withdrawal. I was tempted as hell today. But, I resist and only drank a cup of tea (I know 😔, it’s cheating, to be honest, I drank a total of 3 cups of tea in total).

Finally, I didn’t plan to quit caffeine in any ways 😁. Just doing a reset, to enjoy back my morning coffee cups. My few takeaways; I won’t be ingesting any caffeine passed 2 p.m. and will try to limit myself to 3 cups maximum per day.

P.S: The detox isn’t done, I planned to do this till the end of the month.