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Alex N'Guessan

hello world

/ 1 min read

I ever wanted to create a blog (since 2020 at least). But, I was always holding myself. Why ? We are in constant change as humans as well as a society. Constantly finding ourselves. This is why I was afraid to publish anything online. It’s like taking a picture of an unfinished piece. A paint in progress. We don’t know what we are going to think tomorrow, next week or the upcoming year. Nevertheless, I take the risk of upsetting my future self…

I know that I will never think my writings are good enough (the dark side of perfectionism)… Maybe I fear critics, but now I chose to jump in. See you later 😉

Never hold back from firing the arrow if all that paralyses you is fear of making a mistake. If you have made the right movements, open your hand and release the string. Even if the arrow fails to hit the target, you will learn how to improve your aim next time. — Paulo Coelho, The Way of the Bow